What is the length of the coastline of Tuvalu

What is the length of the coastline of Tuvalu

Coastline Length : 24 km (15 miles)

Total Tuvalu Area : 26 sq km.

CAPITAL: Funafuti


What is the length of the coastline of Tuvalu
What is the length of the coastline of Tuvalu

About Tuvalu :

Tuvalu, formerly Ellice Islands, country within the west-crucial Pacific Ocean. it’s far composed of nine small coral islands scattered in a sequence lying about northwest to southeast over a distance of a few 420 miles (676 km).

The de facto capital is the village of Vaiaku, where most government places of work are positionedit is on Fongafale islet, a constituent part of Funafuti Atoll. together with what is now Kiribati (formerly the Gilbert Islands), Tuvalu formed the British Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony before one at a time gaining its independence in 1978.


Climate :

Tuvalu has a tropical climate and it’s far characterized with the aid of two wonderful seasons, a moist season from November to April and a dry season from might also to October. This seasonal cycle is strongly influenced via the South Pacific Convergence. The imply annual rainfall within the southern islands of Tuvalu is 3,four hundred mm while inside the north it’s far 2,900 mm. Temperature ranges from 25°C to 30°C all year round. The tropical cyclone season is from November to April.


minimal air temperatures have risen 0.24°C according to decade and maximums by using 0.21°C in line with decade on the grounds that 1950, at the same time as sea surface temperatures have risen 0.13°C in line with decade since 1970.


No statistically sizable adjustments in annual and seasonal precipitation rates have been located.
imply annual precipitation prices have tended to be around 500-600mm decrease in Tuvalu’s northern-maximum atoll, Nanumea, than within the capital Funafuti. Nanumea also reviews more interannual variability with annual rates ranging from 1,000-four,000mm between 2000-2010.


What is the length of the coastline of Tuvalu
What is the length of the coastline of Tuvalu


Geography :

Tuvalu, previously known as the Ellice Islands, is a Polynesian island state placed within the Pacific Ocean, halfway between Hawaii and Australia. Its nearest neighbours are Kiribati, Samoa and Fiji. It accommodates four reef islands and 5 true atolls. Its population of 12,373 makes it the 0.33-least-populated sovereign country in the international, with handiest Vatican city and Nauru having fewer inhabitants. In phrases of physical land size, at simply 26 square kilometres (10 squaremi) Tuvalu is the fourth smallest us of a within the internationallarge handiest than the Vatican metropolis at zero.44 km2 (zero.17 squaremi), Monaco at 1.95 km2 (zero.75 sq.mi) and Nauru at 21 km2 (8.1 squaremi).
Tuvalu consists of 4 reef islands and 5 genuine atolls. Its small, scattered organization of atolls has negative soil and a total land region of handiest about 26 rectangular kilometres (much less than 10 sq. mi.) making it the fourth smallest usa within the international. The land is very low lying with slim coral atolls. Funafuti is the largest atoll of the 9 low reef islands and atolls that shape the Tuvalu volcanic island chain. It incorporates severa islets round a principal lagoon that is about 25.1 kilometres (15.6 mi) (N–S) by using 18.four kilometres (11.four mi) (W-E), concentrated on 179°7’E and 8°30’S. An annular reef rim surrounds the lagoon, with numerous natural reef channels.
the highest elevation is 4.5 metres (15 toes) above sea level, which gives Tuvalu the second-lowest maximum elevation of any united states (after the Maldives). because of this low elevation, the islands that make up this state can be threatened through any destiny sea level upward pushbeneath such instances, the population may additionally evacuate to New Zealand, Niue or the Fijian island of Kioa. additionally, Tuvalu is tormented by what’s referred to as a king tide, that could raise the ocean degree higher than a normal high tide. inside the futurethis will threaten to submerge the state completely. Tuvalu has very poor land and the soil is hardly ever usable for agriculture. there is nearly no reliable supply of ingesting water. Tuvalu has westerly gales and heavy rain from November to March and tropical temperatures moderated by easterly winds from March to November.


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