what is the length of the coastline of togo ?

what is the length of the coastline of Togo

Coastline Length : 56 km (35 miles)

Total Comoros Area : 56,785 sq km (21925.74)



About Togo :

Togo, a country of 21,925 square miles, stretches 370 miles from north to south and averages fifty six miles in width.

Lagoons go the u . s . a . to the southeast, setting apart the mile-wide sandbar alongside the Bight of Benin from the geographical mainland. To the southwest a low plateau steadily rises, observed by means of a southwest-northeast mountain variety this is from 2,300 to 3,300 feet highevery other plateau lies to the north of the mountain chain, and past that, excessive hills upward push inside the northeast. An open savanna then unfolds and extends to the Burkina Faso border.

Togo has no navigable rivers, but numerous rivers have the ability for irrigation, which the Togolese are beginning to take advantage of. The us of a’s maximum fertile areas are in and around the mountain range; the northern savannas are the poorest.



The usa is split climatically into southern and northern zones. The southern tropical common temperatures fluctuate between 70°F and 80°F , with February and March the most up to date months, and June, July, and August the good. Humidity is excessive (80%-ninety%) maximum of the year. The foremost dry season extends from the give up of November to the stop of March; August and early September are also occasionally pretty dry.

Equatorial situations inside the mountains of Togo support the country’s most effective rain woodland.

Northern temperatures differ between 65°F and over one hundred°F, and humidity is less than inside the south. The northern region has one rainy and one dry season. In December-January, a cool, dry, dustencumbered *quot;harmattan” wind from the Sahara sweeps throughout the land.


History :

The land this is now the united states of Togo changed into inhabited with the aid of the Ewe tribal human beings starting in the twelfth century. the primary Europeans to arrive have been the Portuguese within the 15th century. The vicinity became a first-rate a part of the slave trade with the coast of Togo being a part of the Slave Coast.

In 1884, Togo became a German colony. It become one in all Germany’s nice colonies as it become Germany’s handiest self-assisting colony. In 1914, France and Britain invaded and France took manipulate of the country. In 1957 Togoland joined with the Gold Coast to become the independent united states of america of Ghana. French Togoland have become a separate republic a few years later and have become Togo in 1960. the first ruler of Togo changed into widespread Gnassingbe Eyadema. He dominated as dictator for nearly 40 years.




what is the length of the coastline of togo

togo coastline length

length of the coastline of togo