What is the length of the coastline of Salvador

What is the length of the coastline of Salvador


Coastline Length : 310 km (192.6 miles)

Total Salvador Area : 692,818 sq km.

CAPITAL: San Salvador


What is the length of the coastline of Salvador
What is the length of the coastline of Salvador


About Salvador :

El Salvador, country of significant america. El Salvador is the smallest and maximum densely populated of the seven critical American countriesin spite of having little degree land, it traditionally became an agricultural countryclosely established upon espresso exports. via the stop of the twentieth century, but, the carrier area had come to dominate the economy. The capital is San Salvador.

From the past due Nineteen Seventies to the early Nineties, El Salvador became the focus of worldwide interestas a result of its civil warfare and to external involvement in its internal conflicts. The war, which pitted a militarily and politically capable left-wing insurgency in opposition to the U.S.-sponsored Salvadoran militarybecame resulting from decades of repressive, armydominated rule and profound social inequality. Following the United international locations-mediated 1992 peace accords, which contained essential provisions for El Salvador’s democratization (which include the removal of the military from political beliefs), the united states commenced to recover from years of political and financial turmoil, handiest to be devastated by using hurricane Mitch in 1998 and by means of a main earthquake in 2001. Skyrocketing crime, faltering monetary boom, and chronic social inequality have further hampered complete postwar reconstruction.


Climate :

The climate of El Salvador is tropical but is moderated through elevation within the interior; in widespread it’s far warm in place of warmvarying between the high 50s and low 70s F (approximately 15 and 23 °C). Heavy rains, referred to as the temporales, fall inside the winter season, from can also to October. The dry summer season lasts from November to April. there’s sizable climatic version in the one of a kind regions. The Pacific lowlands and coffee regions inside the center Lempa River valley have mean month-to-month temperatures between the high 70s and mid-80s F (approximately 25 and 29 °C). In San Salvador, the capital, that’s 2,238 toes (682 metres) above sea level, the most monthly mean temperature is within the mid-90s F (about 34 °C), in March, and the bottom month-to-month suggest is within the low 60s F (approximately 17 °C), in January. inside the mountains, above 4,800 feet (1,460 metres), suggest monthly temperatures vary among the low 60s and occasional 70s F (about 17 and 22 °C). Annual precipitation on the Pacific lowlands averages approximately 65 to 70 inches (approximately 1,700 mm); at the southern and northern mountain degrees, at elevations between 2,000 and three,500 feet (600 and 1,060 metres), the common is between 70 and one hundred inches (1,800 and a pair of,500 mm); the better mountains receive a bit greater. Annual precipitation recorded within the deeper valleys and surrounding plateaulike areas is among approximately 45 and 60 inches (1,100 and 1,500 mm).


What is the length of the coastline of Salvador
What is the length of the coastline of Salvador

Geography :

With a place of simply 8,124 square miles (21,041 squarekm), El Salvador is the smallest country in significant the united states. It has 191 miles (307 km) of shoreline alongside the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Fonseca and it’s miles situated among Honduras and Guatemala. The topography of El Salvador consists specially of mountains, but the country does have a narrowquite flat coastal belt and a vital plateau. the highest point in El Salvador is Cerro el Pital at 8,956 ft (2,730 m), located inside the northern a part of the country on the border with Honduras. because El Salvador is placed no longer some distance from the equator, its climate is tropical in almost all regions except for its better elevations wherein the weather is considered extra temperate. The us of a also has a rainy season that lasts from may also to October and a dry season that lasts from November to April. San Salvador, which is placed in central El Salvador at an elevation of one,837 ft (560 m), has an average yearly temperature of 86.2 tiers (30.1˚C).


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