What is the length of the coastline of GUYANA

What is the length of the coastline of GUYANA

Coastline Length : 430 km ( 267 miles )

Total Kuwait Area : 214,969 sq km.

CAPITAL: Georgetown


What is the length of the coastline of GUYANA
What is the length of the coastline of GUYANA


About Guyana :

virtual guide to the tropical country formerly called British Guiana, until 1966 certainly one of many British colonies, but the most effective ownership Britain ever held on the mainland of South america.

Guyana is situated in critical north of the South American continent with a shoreline on the North Atlantic Ocean. nations with international borders to Guyana are Brazil, Suriname, and Venezuela, and it shares maritime borders with Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados.

The country is part of the Guianas, a location inside the north-jap a part of the continent at the Guiana defend, an vintage stable geological formation that bureaucracy a portion of the northern coast. The Guianas are bounded with the aid of the Orinoco, Negro, and Amazon rivers and the Atlantic Ocean. It consists of Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana.

Guyana’s vicinity is relatively smaller than that of the UK, or barely smaller than that of the U.S. country of Idaho. large regions of Guyana are blanketed through dense rain forests (Forested Highland vicinitywithin the southern part of the countrymost of Guyana’s populace (ninety%) lives in the slim, fertile undeniable along the Atlantic coast to the east of the country. The four Hinterland regions, which occupy greater than -thirds of the total land region are still in large part unoccupied.

The country has a populace of 748,000 humans (Census 2012).


What is the length of the coastline of GUYANA
What is the length of the coastline of GUYANA


Geography :

Guyana lies on the northern coast of South america. Its 285-mile coastline extends from Punta Playa (close to the mouth of the Orinoco River) inside the northwest to the Corentyne River in the east. The low-mendacity coastland, one among Guyana’s 3 geographic regions, is a flat, regularly swampy strip of silt and clay approximately 5half of toes below sea degree at excessive tide. guy-made concrete walls and earthen boundaries maintain the ocean returned and prevent floods. Canals with sluice gates permit drainage to the rivers, and at low tide, to the seamost of the country‘s populace and agricultural interest are focused on this narrow coastal strip between the Pomeroon and Corentyne Rivers.

The mountain area includes the Pakaraima variety, which lies alongside the western boundary between the Waini and Rupununi Rivers; a sandstone plateau 22 miles long and extra than 9,000 toes above sea level; and the Kanaku Mountains, which lie on both sides of the Rupununi River close to the Brazilian border.

The intermediate area, to the east and south of the coastal and mountain areas, is the largest of the three regionsit’s far in particular tropical woodland and jungle, besides for the Rupununi savanna on the southwestern border with Brazil. huge rivers and their tributaries shape a substantial community of waterways. Rapids and falls avert navigation and improvement alongside the larger rivers. The important rivers are the Essequibo, Demerara, Berbice, and Corentyne. The Cuyuni, Mazaruni, and Rupununi are important tributaries of the Essequibo River.


Climate :

Guyana enjoys a wet tropical climate with heat temperatures and abundant rainfall with out the extremes of hot or cold. Temperature levels between 16°C and 34°C with decrease temperatures within the higher areas. Air temperatures range among 16°C and 34°C with decrease temperatures inside the better areas. Temperatures on the coast range among 22°C and 31°C because of the stabilizing effect of the sea and the North japanese alternate Winds. these exchange Winds go with the flow over the coast with speeds averaging ten miles per hour, and decrease as they circulate similarly inland in which mild winds commonly be triumphant.



What is the length of the coastline of GUYANA

length of the coastline of GUYANA

Guyana coastline length