What is the length of the coastline of Guatemala

What is the length of the coastline of Guatemala


Coastline Length : 395 km ( 245.5 miles )

Total Guatemala Area : 108,880 sq km.

CAPITAL: Guatemala City

What is the length of the coastline of Guatemala
What is the length of the coastline of Guatemala



About Guatemala :

The northernmost of the vital American international locations, Guatemala is the scale of Tennessee. Its buddies are Mexico on the north and west, and Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador at the east. The us of a consists of three major regions?the cool highlands with the heaviest populace, the tropical region along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, and the tropical jungle in the northern lowlands


What is the length of the coastline of Guatemala

What is the length of the coastline of Guatemala
What is the length of the coastline of Guatemala

Geography :

Guatemala is a country of volcanoes, mountains, and seashores at the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. From the Cuchamatán Mountains within the western highlands, to the coastlines at the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, this small u . s . a . is marked by way of contrasts. 3 of Guatemala’s 30 volcanoes are nevertheless active.

Pacaya volcano placed close to Guatemala metropolis is the most active volcano. Lake Atitlan shaped when a volcano exploded over eighty four,000 years in the past and collapsed to shape a caldera. The lake is the inner most lake in crucial america and is assumed to be 900 ft (three hundred meters) deep and covers 48 rectangular miles (one hundred twenty five square kilometers).

simplest slightly large than the U.S. nation of Tennessee, Guatemala is a mountainous us of a with one-third of the populace dwelling in cool highland villages. The coastal lowlands are heat and humid. The united states is bordered via Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Belize.


History :

Archaeologists consider that the earliest settlers to Guatemala crossed the Bering Strait from Asia 14,000 years in the past and evidence of human settlements date to round 9000 B.C. human beings started out to farm and form villages round one thousand B.C. and a number of them became the Maya who ruled Guatemala history from A.D. 250 to 900.

The Maya temple at Tikal was built over 1,three hundred years in the past as a tomb to honor the Maya ruler, Ah Cacaw. Tikal, once an expansive town and domestic to a hundred,000 peoplecommenced to say no in A.D. 850, and changed into abandoned approximately 50 years later. The ruins had been not determined till 1695.

within the 16th century, the Spanish invaded and fought the most important final organization referred to as the Quiché. The Quiché were overpowered and pressured to paintings on sizeable estates within the newly established colony of latest Spain. In 1821, Guatemala claimed independence from Spain.


Plant and animal life :

inside the petén, a dense rainforest is interspersed with patches of savanna grasslands. The sierras are forested with okayand pine. inside the volcanic highlands, stands of pine, fir, and very wellwere largely destroyed besides on the best slopes. on the Pacific coastal plain, the landscape in large part has been cleared of its tropical forest and savanna.

The richest style of animal existence inhabits the lowland forest areaseven though a few species, such as deer, monkeys, peccaries, tapirs, ocelots, and jaguars, are increasingly uncommonmany of the reptiles of word are numerous snake species, crocodiles, and iguanas. The birdlife of the rainforests is mainly exuberant and consists of the radiantly plumaged quetzal (Pharomachrus), the country wide hen, for which a reserve has been set aside within the sierras close to Cobán.


Languages :

although all official transactions in Guatemala are performed in Spanish, many filesinclusive of those related to the peace settlement of December 1996 that ended more than three decades of civil warfare in Guatemala—are translated into extra than 20 Mayan languages. the largest Maya organizations are the Mam, who live in the western regions of Guatemala; the ok’iche’, who occupy regions to the north and west of Lake Atitlán; the Kaqchikel, who enlarge from the eastern shores of Lake Atitlán to Guatemala town; and the Q’eqchi’, who are focused within the sierras to the north and west of Lake Izabal. although many Maya are bilingual in Spanish, there was a robust commitment for the reason that late 20th century to assert Maya ethnic identity and to promote the various Maya languages for both every day use and literature.


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