What is the length of the coastline of Ghana ?

What is the length of the coastline of Ghana

Coastline Length : 555 km (344.8 miles)

Total Ghana Area : 238,533 sq km.




About Ghana :

There are six national parks and many smaller nature reserves, which were installation to assist guard Ghana’s flora and fauna. There are over 650 butterfly species within the Kakum countrywide Park, inclusive of the giant swallowtails, which can be almost 8 inches (20 centimeters) across.

The park is also home to leopards, hornbills, Diana monkeys, flying squirrels, and scarlet-tailed African gray parrots.

Elephants, leopards, wild buffalo, and antelope have been once plentiful throughout the savanna, however now are discovered frequently in nature reserves. Elephants, crocodiles, warthogs, and hippos may be seen around the watering holes in the Mole countrywide Park.

toxic snakes consisting of the cobra and puff adder are local to Ghana as are pythons, which don’t chunkhowever can squeeze their victims to dying.

The baobab tree grows within the northern components Ghana and different savannas in Africa. Ghanaians eat the huge, gourd-like fruit, they make barrels from the trunk, the tree provides colour from the sun, and the bark may be made into rope and garb.

The Volta River turned into dammed in the Nineteen Sixties and created Lake Volta, one of the Earth’s biggest artificial lakes.


Climate :

Ghana’s weather is tropical and strongly influenced by way of the West Africa monsoon winds. The weather is normally heat with variable temperatures masked through seasons and elevation. The northern a part of the country usually information one rainy season, which starts in might also and lasts till September. Southern Ghana facts wet seasons; principal season from April to July and minor from September to November.



earlier than the Europeans arrived searching for gold, the west coast of Africa became a part of an historic exchange course. In 1471, Portuguese buyers came ashore and noticed that the local people wore gold rings.

humans from Portugal, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, and Britain got here to the Gold Coast to look for gold. The British took manipulate of the country inside the 20th century and declared the Gold Coast a colony of the British Empire.

In 1957, the Gold Coast gained its independence from Britain and became known as Ghana. After many corrupt governments, Ghana’s new chief in 1981, Jerry Rawlings, vowed to forestall corruption. Democracy regarding many parties began in 1992 while a new charter turned into followed.



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What is the length of the coastline of Ghana

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