Coastline length

California coastline length – Coastline length of California

California coastline length – Coastline length of California


California Coastline Length :  1350 km

California Area : 424000 sq. km.

California Capital : Sacramento


Facts :  


It’s obvious that California is big, but what is its actual population? About 40 million people live in California. If that number sounds amazing, so be it. This is the most populous state of any state, nearly 10 million more than the second largest state, Texas. That’s about one-eighth of the total US population.


Many people think of California as a busy state made up of densely packed cities and beaches. While it’s true that some of the most popular and famous cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles are on this dense, sunny coast, it’s also teeming with wildlife. There are also many national parks.


you have nine! That means there’s no shortage of hiking and camping spots to see all sorts of cool animals and plants. California is rich in unique natural features. Perfect conditions for those who like to put on their hiking boots and hit the trails.


What’s your favorite part of Chinese takeout? You’re not alone when it comes to the famous fortune cookie. Even people who don’t like the taste of fortune cookies love cracking open cookies to find out their fortunes (and lucky numbers). Who doesn’t like interactive meals.

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What we do know is that California has over 500 fault lines. It is a fault that causes an earthquake. Most quakes are small, but the last big one was in 2019 (so it’s not uncommon).

Californians are so accustomed to earthquakes that small tremors don’t even make it past the radar. However, let’s take the plunge and prepare for the next big earthquake.


california coastline
california coastline


Climate :


California stretches along the Pacific coast between latitudes 32.5 and 42 degrees north. Its more than 1,340 miles of coastline make up nearly three-quarters of the Pacific coast of the United States. It is bordered by Oregon to the north, Nevada and Arizona to the east, and Mexico to the south, covering a total area of ​​158,693 square miles. With its major axis oriented from northwest to southeast, the state is 800 miles long. Its average width is only 250 miles, but its maximum east-west extent is about 360 miles. However, it is beyond 10 degrees longitude and the distance is 550 miles.